Myofascial Cupping

A unique type of myofascial release, using plastic or silicone cups. Helps restore soft-tissue mobility.


Myofascial cupping is a modern adaptation of traditional cupping techniques that were used to stimulate energy meridians and physical structures.  This new approach to cupping can effectively focus on fascial adhesions. Gentle suction results in negative pressure on the skin, which aids release. It can be used on its own to restore soft-tissue mobility or it can be combined with other techniques to increase the effectiveness of the treatment.

Fascia is a protective and lubricating layer around each muscle fiber and group. Adhesions in this layer restrict the movement of the tissue, whether elongating or contracting the muscles.

You may benefit from myofascial release if you have:

  • chronic muscle tightness
  • muscle tension or pain that only finds temporary relief
  • tension headaches
  • decreased muscle recovery after exercise